Incorporate Business in USA
Incorporate business in U.S.
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Incorporation Costs

Incorporation costs are usually minimal in comparison to other costs. But here you need to know several things before you select a company to incorporate with.

I am sure you've seen similar advertising on the internet, in newspapers and in business magazines:

"Incorporate $25.00 In Any State!!!"

"Incorporate Now, As Low As $129.00!!!"

If you have used one of these service in the past, you know that in order to get everything that you REALLY need to form and organize you corporation, the actual charge is more in the range of $350 to $500.

These companies are advertising their services to prepare your Articles of Incorporation and file them with the Secretary of State or other applicable State governmental agency. Many times this fee is just for the service of preparing the Articles. You pay the state filing fee in addition.

See list of state fees for each state.

Other Incorporation Costs

Depending on your situation, you may need a Corporate Kit, share certificates, several Initial Organizational Minutes, stock ledgers, and other documents. If you think you may need any of these - be careful when you check the prices! You can normally order these from the provider at additional costs - usually for between $70 and $100.

You will also need to set up a bank account and to do this you will need to register with the IRS to obtain a taxpayer identification number.

If you want to make a Subchapter "S" Election with the Internal Revenue Service, there may be additional cost of somewhere between $25 to $75.

Expedited services may also cost between $25 and $50.


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