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Articles of Incorporation Sample

Although articles of incorporation vary from state to state, the basic template for all states is very similar. This sample includes generic versions of all the basic elements that will appear in any articles of incorporation filing. This is provided strictly for informational purposes; these articles of incorporation are not valid in any specific state.

Articles of Incorporation of "Corporation Name Here"

As dictated by the State of XXXX, and state statute XXX, the parties signified herein, being of legal standing to act in this matter, hereby serve as incorporators by filing these articles of incorporation, and in so doing commit to the organization of this business corporation.

  • Article I
  • The name of this legal corporation shall be...

  • Article II
  • Incorporation of the XXXX Company shall begin on...

  • Article III
  • The official physical address of the Corporation shall be...

  • Article IV
  • The Corporation is empowered to authorize and issue a maximum of XXXX shares of company stock at a par value of $XXX per share. All stock issued shall be Common Shares, identical in every respect. Each share entitles the shareholder to one vote in any company matter that turns on shareholder voting.

  • Article V
  • The official physical address of the Corporation shall be.......... And at that address the registered agent for the Corporation will be XXXX XXXXXX.

  • Article VI
  • The complement for the initial board of directors for the Corporation will consist of XX members. Full names and addresses for all member of the Corporation's board of directors are as follows:

  • Article VII
  • The names and addresses of the incorporators who have signed these articles of incorporation are as follows:
  • Article VIII
  • The directors, officers, agents and employees of this Corporation shall be indemnified to the full extent of the law.

    Incorporator: As witnessed, the incorporator here signified has implemented in full these articles of incorporation on this date.....

    Registered Agent: Upon assuming service as the registered agent for XXXXX Corporation, residing at the physical address reported in the articles of incorporation, I the undersigned agree to accept service of process and assume all obligations pursuant to that acceptance, as stipulated in State of XXXX statute XX, on this date.....


    This concludes the basic articles of incorporation.

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    Tip: Did you know that Delaware and Nevada are top two incorporation states?

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