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Are You Cut Out for Starting a Home Based Business?

Although operating a home based business can provide flexibility, freedom and tremendous satisfaction, it also requires dedication, self-motivation and discipline. Your personality will determine if being your own boss is a path to freedom and self- motivated challenge, or if it is a path better left untried. Unfortunately, it is difficult for all of us to see ourselves clearly. When you read these five personality assessment questions, try to make sure that you listen to the first answer that comes into your head. It may be the best indicator of your chances for success as an entrepreneur.

Am I self-sufficient?

When you go solo, running your home based business, every problem is your problem, and every job that needs doing is waiting for you to get it done. Do you like to learn new skills? Can you learn them quickly and thoroughly? Will you apply yourself to all of the tasks that need to be performed to make your business run, but will not be the tasks that are the running of the business itself, such as: bookkeeping, technical support, computer technician, designer, salesman, marketer, website manager, etc.

Am I good at scheduling my time?

Running your own business means setting your own hours. Has your current job involved setting your own schedule and determining how many hours to apply to different tasks, different clients, etc. If not, do you believe you can structure your workdays efficiently, and that you will abide by the schedules you create?

Do I set my own goals?

Has your current job required you to develop goals for your personal performance or the performance of your team? Have you had experience setting milestones for the delivery of multi-phase projects? If not, have you developed, pursued and achieved long-term goals that you set in your personal life? If your answer was no to all of these examples, this is an area that you should fully examine before you commit to this decision.

Am I able to stay on-task without supervision?

Many people are only capable of focusing their full attention on a project when they are closely supervised, or when a deadline puts their back against the wall. This personality type can be very creative and very successful, and you might never know that these people cannot work independently, because the business management structure and deadline system keeps them producing their work on time. If you think this might describe how you work, this is another personality trait that you should thoroughly explore, before you make a decision about starting your own business.

Am I able to separate my work life from my personal life?

Yes, starting a home based business will mean working many more hours than you may have ever worked before, it may mean working through weekends, over holidays, skipping vacations, etc. But, once your business is up and running, you will need to be able to create an invisible wall between your work life and your personal life. Unless you are able to define a clear work schedule for yourself, your dream of working at home could become a burden to you and your family. You must be sure that you will be comfortable telling your clients when they can and can't reach you, and when your office will be closed.

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