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Incorporate business in U.S.
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The Choices You Have to Incorporate Yourself

If you are ready to register your new business as a corporation or a limited liability company, there are three independent paths you can follow to incorporate yourself, instead of paying a lawyer or accountant to do the filing for you.

First: You can obtain the appropriate forms from your state's department or agency that oversees company filings, puzzle them out alone, and then file using whatever assistance your state agency provides. Second: You can purchase a tailored book or software program that will walk you through the steps to register a company in your specific state. Third: You can register with an online agency, pay a fee, fill out all the online forms that are required of you, and let the agency file the appropriate documents to arrange your company registration.

If cost is the most important factor to you, relying on your state's department for company registrations will be the least expensive route you can take. All states will provide some form of instruction booklet, and some states offer e-mail support for filing questions. There may also be seminars on company registration that are hosted by the state agency itself, or by some non-profit group that assists new business startups. Your only costs following this route would be the actual fees paid to the state to register your new company.

For an additional $25 to $150, you can buy a book, software program, or book & software kit, which will outline all of the steps involved to register a company in your state. Books may direct you to where you can obtain all the necessary forms you will need to register, or they may actually contain tear-out versions of all the needed forms. Software programs will generally guide you through the entire registration process, prompting you to enter all information into your computer. Then, the software program formats that information, and you print out your completed filing forms. Both books and software programs are available from many sites online, and in some stores.

The third alternative - using an online agency to carry out your company registration - will generally cost between $200 and $500. The state in which you are filing, the type of business entity you are creating, the quality of the service provider, as well as the timeframe (standard or expedited), will all affect the overall price.

Want more information about registering a company? Visit our Guide. Check out incorporation fees by each state.

Tip: Did you know that Delaware and Nevada are top two incorporation states?

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the choices you have to incorporate yourself