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Picking the Right Internet Business Opportunity

If you're searching for the perfect Internet business opportunity, it may help you focus your search if you understand that the vast majority of e-business opportunities occur in just five business sectors. If you, for example, know that you only want to work in one or two of those business sectors, that will quickly narrow your search parameters by 60 to 80%.

One other note, before you review these business sector summaries. Although there is disagreement on many questions about the future of e-commerce, authorities agree that business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce will continue to expand until Internet purchasing of products and services is the preferred method of operation whenever possible. As you assess a business sector, consider if your e-commerce business can be a B2B supplier, rather than a retail site.

Service Delivery

Experts agree that the Internet will continue to get faster and it will accommodate ever-larger transfers of data. If you can think of a service that you can do in your office, using data that is sent to you by a client, or which you access by linking to the client, and, if the outsourcing of the service can potentially save the client time and/or money, you have an e-business idea that you should thoroughly examine. Some examples of services that are currently being offered on the web include: data backup, message center, application service provider, help desk, etc.

Product Sales

Selling goods online to the whole country is the simplest way to go into business on the Internet: one website, a shipping room (or shipping service), and the right product. What you will sell, how you will sell it, and the amount of competition in that market area determines if you cans start such a business on a shoestring, or if you will need millions simply to enter the market.

Internet Telephony

Just as the Internet lets you access information and websites based anywhere in the world for the price of a local phone call, new technology exploits the Internet's relay connection web and allows you to make long distance phone calls without a distance connection fee. Still in its infancy, the Internet telephony niche will be a growth business for years to come. It offers diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs to position themselves to become a telephony network link, to sell telephony services or equipment, to set up and maintain telephony service for businesses, etc.

Online Learning

The distance learning concept has matured over the last five years, creating many more opportunities for entrepreneurs to become part of the curriculum delivery system. Businesses now look at distance learning as a viable and cost-effective alternative to sending their staffs to off-site training locations, which may require overnight hotel accommodation as well as the loss of time on the job. Opportunities exist in the areas of curriculum development, design and programming of interactive curriculum modules, curriculum delivery, as well as the marketing and technical support.

Tailored Content

Just as you can sell a product or service on the web, you can also sell information. One example of tailored content would be a website that is entirely devoted to the world of tennis. You attract visitors to the site by offering so much information about tennis that you garner a high ranking in the search engines. Then, if your content is both informative and entertaining, your visitors will become loyal fans. Using this model you can sell advertising for the site because manufacturers know they will get direct access to self-selected tennis enthusiasts, you can become a provider of tennis content that you sell to other websites, you can position yourself as a tennis authority, etc. Even without the springboard of a successful website, you can collect or write unique content that can be sold to other websites or that can be collected in a per-use or membership-required data base.

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