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Calculating Your Start Up Business Costs

One of the biggest challenges for any entrepreneur is calculating the start up business costs for a company that is still on the drawing board. The list of costs that is prepared here is based on those that would be accrued by a generic start up company. But the list should supply you with a flexible template that you can use to calculate your own start up business costs.

  • Research
  • Any paid research to assess your potential market, as well as any professional research needed to substantiate you choices for a company name as well as any other names that need to be vetted: product names, trademarks, domain names, etc.

  • Business Plan / Loan Proposal
  • Any fees that will be paid if you hire someone to write your business plan, loan proposal, or any other documentation for obtaining financing.

  • Company structure
  • Costs to organize the company as a corporation, LLC, limited partnership, etc. This would also include money to pay for company bylaws and any other official documents that may be required, depending on the type of company organization you select.

  • Professional assistance
  • Retainer for an accountant, lawyer or any other professional you will need to use to perform tasks during the start up phase.

  • Operating permits and licenses, as well as insurance.

  • Running Costs
  • Salaries Employee benefits Rent Technology Utility bills Phone bills Other communication costs Website design and maintenance Advertising Marketing Accounting/bookkeeping Postage Etc.

  • Additional Costs - depending on business
  • Production equipment Materials and supplies Design Packaging Customer service Direct sales Shipping

    Want more information about registering a company? Visit our Guide. Check out incorporation fees by each state.

    Tip: Did you know that Delaware and Nevada are top two incorporation states?

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